Product Review – EazyHold

EazyHold the Universal Cuff Grip Assist has been a very helpful addition to my treasure trove of modifications. I came across EazyHold on a social media site, where the creators were holding a give-away contest. I was one of the winners and my adult pack of EazyHolds arrived shortly thereafter.


The package contains 5 different sizes of the Grip Assist, a company business card and a short description of the product along with ideas of ways to use EazyHold

EazyHold comes in 5 different sizes and attaches to a wide range of household items. Once fitted to an item, such as an eating utensil, the user inserts their hand into the grip and can then hold onto the utensil without having to grasp the item at all during use. It’s great for people with limited to no ability to grip things as well as for people like me, who can’t hold onto certain things for a long length of time.


There are seemingly endless items of daily use with which an EazyHold can be attached. The different sizes come with varying degrees of length and flexibility. The largest one even fits onto my home phone handset. I’ve currently got the smallest EazyHold attached to a pen at my desk. This product, of which a patent is still pending, has allowed me to use my hairbrush and toothbrush without experiencing pain in my hands and fingers; lessened the probability of weakness or joints ‘locking up’ while I use certain things around the house; and has decreased the risk of me dropping things. I highly recommend it!!

I can also tell you how nice the inventors of EazyHold are. They have contacted me a few times by email and have encouraged me to stay in touch with them. They seem to truly care that their invention is making a positive difference in the lives of its users. I’ve been very impressed with their friendliness and concern!


If you have trouble gripping things or tend to drop things while you’re using them, I’d strongly suggest you get in touch with EazyHold!! And, if you’re the parent or caregiver of a child with grip difficulty, you’ll be happy to know that EazyHold also offers children’s packs!


You can find EazyHold at their website:

They are also on FaceBook:

2 thoughts on “Product Review – EazyHold

  1. Thank you for this review! It is a gentle reminder as I am interested in purchasing this for my son to assist him in holding a writing utensil. I notice from the picture you posted that you tested it with a pen. How comfortable and functional was it for you? Did it have an effect on your writing form? Thanks in advance!


    • Yes, I use it on a pen when my hands/fingers are cramping or tingling/numb. I have to use the EazyHold a bit differently than I do on other items so that it doesn’t change how I write too much. I had to figure out a way to position my fingers slightly differently on the pen as well as which fingers to insert into the grip assist.
      If you’d like a video example, please email me at and I’ll be happy to send you one! Just put “EazyHold” in the subject line. This is also a good way to contact me with any other questions you may have. I DO strongly recommend EazyHold though after several months of use! Thanks for taking the time to read and to get in touch!! God bless, Lylly


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