I wheely need an icon!!

I have an android phone but wont drop the brand name nor the phone carrier I use in this post…

Several months ago, my phone updated and afterwards, there were tons of more choices of icons I can send in my text messages. I can now choose from 6 different skin colors when giving a friend a “high-five” or “thumbs up” or show that I’m “clapping” my hands. There are hundreds of flags representing all these different countries (most of which I can’t identify by their flag, to be honest!). There are lots of sports represented and activities and emotions. There are about 8 pages of vehicles and gay & lesbian couples are now included in the ‘people/family’ section.

With all these new, various and exciting choices there’s one thing that has not changed – there’s no representation of people in the disabled community except for the old, tried-and-true international symbol for ‘handicap’ – that simple stick-figure sitting in a manual chair over a blue background. Why?? Are we afraid?? Are we still stagnant in attitude, thought and consideration??


What if I wanna shoot off a text about how I just took off at 6 mph in my power chair, leaving so-and-so behind in my dust? Where’s a colorful icon of a female in a wheelchair with flames shooting out the back? Wouldn’t that be fabulous!?! How about amputees? People who use crutches? Canes? Orthotics? Why are there a vast variety of cultures, religions and races symbolized but not the equally vast plethora of disabilities?

I’ve got no answers. Only gripes. No solution. Only grumbles. I would tell you that I’m ready to roll over somebody’s toes, but I wouldn’t be able to include a pic of a wheelchair rolling away from a person grabbing their foot in obvious pain!! 🙂

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