The “Inspirational” Debate

“I’m grocery shopping, not saving puppies from a burning building.”

Source: 44 People With Disabilities On Whether Or Not They Want to Be Your Inspiration

I hope you’ll click the link above to read the article!! It’s informative and a great way to educate yourself!!

My personal opinion on this is 2-sided:

I don’t see how I’m an inspiration, but it’s been said of me & to me a lot. I’ll hear how inspirational it is that I’m a single mom (or a mother at all, as if that’s not possible when dealing with a chronic illness &/or physical challenge). I hear that it’s inspirational that I find the strength & ability to get up each day & get myself and my daughter ready for things like school, gymnastics, church, going to the park or other outings. I’ve been told how inspirational it is that I have a positive attitude about my circumstances.

Personally, all of this can seem insulting. These comments are based on the assumption that what I’m capable of should be impossible. People seem to believe it’s more difficult for me to raise my child or have a positive attitude or continue on at all due to my physical condition. But, that’s not true. I don’t take these comments as insults, however. When I first became sick, had I been asked, “Do you think you can go on like this?” or “Can you imagine being a mom now?” or “Do you believe you can be happy like this?” my answer to all of those questions would’ve been “NO!”

It is my belief, based on my experience, that until a person is faced with a challenge, that person can not fathom what they may be capable of overcoming or how they may react to it. My life today is fabulous, comedic, tragic, joyous, sad, fluid, difficult, triumphant, irritating and the entire gamut of life’s options – which are open & available to anyone whether they’re able-bodied or not. I could not imagine myself living this life until this became the life I am living. Is it always easy? Well, is YOUR life always easy? The difficulties which arise in my life may or may not have anything to do with my illness & disability. So, I tell you – don’t underestimate yourself, your strengths, your abilities. Don’t sell yourself short based on information you don’t even have. Be thankful you don’t HAVE that information! 🙂

On the other side of the inspiration debate, I believe that if God is using me to inspire someone, to Him be the glory!!! He may be using me to inspire other mothers or people who are more pessimistic than me or even my own child who will learn from my actions that no matter what life throws our way, we keep doing what we’re capable of & we remember to be thankful for our blessings… it can always be worse. I don’t know who God is using me to inspire, but if it’s part of His plan, who am I to argue or complain??

So, if I inspire you – that’s awesome! But, you may be inspiring me, too!

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