My Soapbox & My Gratitude – Oh! I’m so Excited!

One of my goals for this year is to return to work. Today, I made a little progress towards that goal by making an appt w/ my state’s Vocational Rehabilitation office – I not only plan on asking them for assistance in finding me an ADA accessible work environment but also know that they have the ability (although NOT the certainty) to give financial assistance to me for the purchase of a wheelchair van. The only way I’m going to be able to return to work is in my power chair, yet I’ve got no way to transport my chair anywhere outside of my neighborhood. Sadly, accessible vehicles, like most disability equipment, are extremely expensive and out of reach for most people in need of them, myself included.

After hanging up with Voc. Rehab., it occurred to me that I’ve never said “Thank you” to all my friends and family who currently work, thereby providing the government assistance I’ve had to rely on since becoming ill in 2009. So, THANK YOU!! It has NOT escaped my attention that while you go to work to provide for yourselves & your families, you are also providing for me and mine!!! I am grateful for that!!! I’ve not liked having to be on government assistance, but it’s been a necessity and one which has served me and my daughter well, and I appreciate every person who works in order to pay the taxes which pays for my assistance!!!

THAT being said, another thought occurred to me and it struck me as quite ironic & equally as disgusting. Let me begin by climbing aboard my soapbox to explain my revelation in full detail:

One of the things that I’ve hated most about being on welfare & disability is that I’m stigmatized with the lazy, dishonest people that are simply sitting at home because they don’t feel like working. You know, the ones who lie on applications; who falsify medical reports or financial information in order to squeeze as much financial gain out of the mix as possible; who could get a job but wont; who are teaching their children that it’s acceptable to be irresponsible, unaccountable & unproductive. Here’s a big newsflash for them – if they’re teaching their children to live off government assistance, come 2 generations later, who’s gonna be left working to PAY for that assistance???!!! And, here’s another huge newsflash – LAZINESS IS NOT A DISABILITY!!!! NEITHER IS BEING INCONSIDERATE!!!! Sure, those are both spiritual handicaps of sorts, but neither prevents a person from working!!

So, my big epiphany was this – isn’t it gonna be slightly funny for my chronically ill, power wheelin’ self to be one of the people working & paying taxes so that the liars & cheats of the welfare system can sit at home?? Yeah, I’m not laughing either…

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